About MB Risk Management LLC

Managing Risks for Corporations & Organizations

Setting High Standards

Leaders are the conscience of their organizations. They are responsible for maintaining a culture of accountability and setting high compliance and ethics standards despite the pressure for continuous financial growth and innovation.

The scope of criminal compliance and ethical risks is broad and can include questionable business practices such as:

  • Domestic and foreign bribery and kickback schemes.
  • Falsifying financial documents.
  • Using a competitor’s confidential information.
  • Doing business with questionable third parties.
  • Using funds from illicit sources.

The cost of failing to set high compliance and ethics standards is substantial and may result in criminal investigation and prosecution, financial penalties and fines, damage to reputation and loss of public trust.

How MB Risk Management LLC Can Help

MB Risk Management LLC has extensive experience in recognizing the risks embedded in business practices and has the skills to piece together the full story and provide practical and strategic compliance advice and counsel.

Moreover, it can support clients against any pressure to “look the other way” and ignore signs of misconduct. The firm can act to mitigate the potential that risk will escalate through improper actions to conceal or destroy evidence or obstruct the investigation.


The company brings a practical approach to resolving each matter and has extensive experience working with domestic and international companies and providing the leadership, perspective, judgment and integrity to manage their compliance risks.

The firm has extensive experience in heading internal investigations and providing the leadership and guidance to prevent, mitigate and manage compliance risks through training, monitoring and assessment.

Moreover, this office provides uncompromising independent strategic advice that is immune from any financial pressure to generate revenue, cross-sell other services or maintain existing fee-generating relationships.

About Our Managing Director

Thomas M. DiBiagio has a national reputation for uncompromising integrity and independence.

He is a graduate of Dickinson College and the University of Richmond Law School. As a former federal prosecutor, he has extensive experience in leading criminal enforcement actions against businesses and corporations and, as outside counsel, he possesses an extensive record of providing confidential strategic advice to company boards, senior management and internal counsel in response to government investigations.

As a former Assistant United States Attorney, he was responsible for investigating and prosecuting numerous federal crimes including financial fraud, public corruption, money laundering, drug trafficking and violent crime cases.

In 2001, Tom was nominated by President George W. Bush to be the United States Attorney for Maryland where he spearheaded efforts against terrorist threats, violent drug gangs, public corruption and corporate fraud.

In addition, he has spent the last 13 years in the government investigations practice groups at leading law firms in Washington DC conducting internal probes and providing compliance and ethics advice to numerous domestic and international businesses and corporations facing criminal investigations.

Professional Publications & Invited Lectures

Tom has published numerous articles on compliance and ethics risks including public corruption, corporate fraud and money laundering. He has been invited to lecture on bribery, corruption, corporate fraud and strategies to manage global compliance risk at several leading universities.

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